Brush Brush Brush

Brushing your dogs between visits not only helps prevents knots, matting and a house full of hair but it creates a bond between you and your Mucky Pup

Matted Dogs

Dogs who are badly knotted or matted may not be able
to use our wash and dry service. Most knots simply
do not brush out and the
high velocity dryer and combs do not work properly.

If your dog is matted it is easier on your dog and less time consuming to have your dog clipped first.

Wash and Blow Dry Service

A thorough wash in our sanitised hydrobath using
fresh warm water and quality shampoos. Followed by a warm

blow dry and a brush.   After this service your Mucky Pups will

come back smelling great and ready to be cuddled.

Small Dog - $35

Medium Short haired Dog - $35

Medium Longhair or Large Dog - $40 - $50

X Large or Large double coated Dog - $60

Tidy Up Service

This service includes the Wash and Blow Dry Service
as above plus:

Eyes & ears gently cleaned

Nails trimmed if required

Face, feet & bottom trimmed

Prices = Wash and Blow Dry Service plus $15

Full Clipping Service

This service includes all of the above
plus a full body clip off to the length of your choice.

Small dog - $60

Small to Medium Dog - $65

Medium Dog - $70

Large Dogs From $80

This is a guide only. Price is determined by coat length, thickness and condition

Appointments cancelled with less than 2 working days notice may incur a fee